Greenwolf. The year was 1942. Franklin Roosevelt was President, and the US was at war. On January 13th, during a private meeting at the Arcadia Conference in Washington DC, Roosevelt and Churchill secretly agreed to establish an underground army of “Super Soldiers” to help defeat the Axis Powers.

To accomplish this they enlisted the help of the world’s leading “Microbial Geneticist” Dr. Marvin Greenwolf, and his team of gene therapists. In the 1930’s Dr. Greenwolf was rumored to be a private consultant to the Germans. It was secretly reported that thru extensive research and DNA cross pollination the Dr. and his team had created a chemical compound that could turn ordinary German soldiers into werewolfs, 10 times stronger than the average man.

Roosevelt coined the new effort “Project Greenwolf” and the only enforced stipulation was that the Allied soldiers could have no “animal morphing” side effects. He gave Dr. Greenwolf and his team unlimited resources and access to test subjects at a secret underground laboratory miles beneath a maximum security prison just outside of Brunswick, Ohio.

After months of trial and error and the collaboration of dozens of the world’s top minds, RJ-618 was created. It was a biological compound 3 times as strong as the one developed for Germany with apparently no adverse side effects. It was simply injected into the blood stream of a test subject, and within minutes they had the power and speed of 20-30 normal men. During early testing, test subjects routinely displayed incredible physical feats such as deadlifts of 8,000 lbs, bench presses in excess of 6,000 lbs, and the ability to hurdle over a 20 ft high wall with relative ease.

The World’s First Ever “Super Soldier” was created.

The President himself arrived in Brunswick to witness Dr. Greenwolf’s creations and congratulate him, but unfortunately that’s where most of the recorded footage stops.

Although it didn’t have any animal-morphing side effects, apparently RJ-618 within weeks of use shut down almost all of the human brain. Everything that is, except the cerebellum, the most primitive and violent section.

The results as you can imagine were catastrophic.

Dozens of the test subjects "lost their minds" at the same time the President arrived in the secret underground lab. Mayhem, and destruction ensued and the President barely escaped with his life. And Hundreds more were never heard from again.

As one of the largest cover ups in US history all 3 major branches of the military were brought in and the lab was destroyed and buried under miles of concrete.

The terms “Walking Dead” and “Living Dead” were coined to describe the hideous byproduct of RJ-618.

Some people believe that Dr. Greenwolf never really worked for the Allied Powers to begin with, that his secret relationship with the Germans had never ended.

Others think that the Dr. was so distraught by the miserable failure of his greatest experiment he voluntarily injected himself and perished with his test subjects

We’ll never be certain…


After 70 years of suppression, these zombie-like creatures have dug their way out and up to try and establish a military like fortress at the highest point in the area, at a place they call Mapleside Farms.

Normal weapons have no effect on these creatures, so a new chemical compound was created to effectively repel them back into their underground lairs, OR hopefully put these zombies to rest so they can do no more damage.

IT’s called RU-942

This compound known as “Zombie Repellant” needs to be absorbed thru the body or preferably the brain of the walking dead to work effectively. Because of their enormous strength these “zombies” need to be shot dozens of times in order to be stopped.

In response to this outbreak, The Government has developed a new division of special armed forces known as the United States Zombie Resistance Force (USZRF).

You are being recruited to join the “ZERF” and help save millions of citizens in NE Ohio and all over the Midwest. If these zombies establish a stronghold here, the disease could spread all over the United States and ultimately all over the world.

The People of America are counting on YOU!

Now go light up the living dead…

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